New Hire Center

Welcome to the New Hire Center!
You have been directed to this webpage because you have been extended an offer of employment with the Valparaiso Community Schools Corporation. Your employment with the School Corporation is contingent upon the successful completion of an in-depth/expanded criminal background check.  The Corporation reserves the right to end the employment agreement with you should the results of the background check be unsatisfactory. 

Mrs. Nicole Biehn
Human Resources Coordinator
Valparaiso Community Schools
(219) 531-3000

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Candidates must be presented to the Board of Education for approval of employment.  After a candidate is approved, a letter indicating the Board's decision is mailed directly to the candidate's home.

Please contact the Human Resources Office (219) 531-3000 to set up an appointment for the onboarding process.  This meeting will provide new employees with H.R. and Benefits information, assist in the completion of election forms and provide general safety and workplace training.

PAPERWORK - (If you wish to complete some of the paperwork prior to your meeting with H.R/Benefits, you may click on the links below).

Personal Data Information Form
Limited Criminal Background Check
W4 Form
WH-4 Form
Indiana New Hire Report
Verification of Eligibility
Direct Deposit Form (Checking - voided check / Savings - ACH Deposit Form)

Certificated/Teaching Staff must provide College Degree(s), Official Transcripts and Praxis Scores
Instructional Aides must provide College Degree(s), Official Transcripts or PARA-Pro Praxis Scores

After you have completed the onboarding process, your hiring supervisor/director will be notified that you have been approved to begin work.  You will be contacted by your supervisor/director to confirm your first day of work.  Should you have any questions about your first day of work,  your position, job responsibilities, etc., please contact your supervisor/director.