Management Team

Flint Lake Mgr

Administration  Kathleen Kane, SNS
Director of Food and Nutrition Services  219-531-3050                                                         
Administration Emily Kennedy, Field Coordinator 219-531-3050, #2
Administration Deb McDaniel, Trainer and Recruiter 219-531-3050, #4
Administration Sheryl McQuinn, Reception/Accounts Payable 219-531-3050, #1
Administration   Bookkeeper   219-531-3050
VHS Susan Milcarek, Operations Manager 219-531-3050, #3
VHS Cindy Lawrence, Warehouse 219-531-3050, #5
Ben Franklin Deb Johnson, Manager 219-531-3020
TJ Middle Nancy Moore, Manager 219-531-3140
Flint Lake Patty Black-Gillins, Manager 219-531-3160
Central Marianne Whitcomb, Manager  mwhitcomb! 219-531-3030
Cooks Corners Polly Pollack, Satellite Lead 219-531-3040
Hayes Leonard Jackie Schutz, Satellite Lead 219-531-3060
Memorial Pam Kloss, Satellite Lead 219-531-3090
Northview Satellite Lead    219-531-3100
Parkview Deb Douglass, Satellite Lead 219-531-3110
TJ Elementary Laurie Boynak, Satellite Lead 219-531-3130